Rock & Cover Bands

I will never forget my Rock n Roll roots and have a lot of fun playing in rockbands, here you can check the bands i am playing in !

…my latest f*****g Rock´n Roll Band -click the logo to get to the Fb Artist Site-

Staright Flush Logo
















Master Blaster 

a real fine Soul/Blues/Rock Coverband




and the next…

…with good old friends, we have a nice all round coverband that really rocks

-click the logo to get to the website-




…we wrote some nice own songs… in italian, german and english…we go for it and that´s all !







least but not last …

over 12 years i´m rocking with this band of music mates, with a nice program of songs from the 70´ and some electric blues !


Click on the logo and you will be linked to the website of the Band to get further information!


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